Get More Website Traffic With These Essential Article Marketing Tips!

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with you a few ways to get more traffic to your business using articles and promote them in different channels. Article marketing is an essential aspect of getting more traffic for your website. A lot of preparation is necessary to implement it properly.

This generally involves exhaustive keyword research. You should focus on around 5 solid key phrases, as well as some long-tail keywords that you will regularly (and naturally) include in the majority of your articles.

You can then begin planning your articles around your keywords. Once that groundwork has been laid, you can submit your site to web directories and rely on search engine optimization to bring you more traffic.

article marketing tips

Article Marketing Tips

1 – Established Article Marketing Tips

There has been a recent hit to many web directories in the past few years. Far too many of them began accepting virtually all submissions, leading to poor quality content that wasn’t beneficial to visitors. It’s best to focus on delivering high-quality content so you can land a place on more discerning directories. Some will tell you that submitting articles or entire sites is a thing of the past.

But, it’s important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting your site. As long as your articles are worthwhile, all your marketing will ultimately pay off.

FUN TIP! Make a unique logo! You don’t have to be a big company to have a logo. People who stop at your site will become familiar with it and begin to trust it.

When crafting your articles, you should always make sure the page has an author bio box with some information and relevant links for visitors to click through. It’s important that they know where they can find more of your work or brand if they enjoy a particular article they’ve come across. If you articles are hosted elsewhere, this will also give you some potentially lucrative backlinks to your own site.

This is absolutely crucial when it comes to climbing the page ranks of Google search results. Of course, the better your articles are, the more willing people will be to follow your work in the future. There’s no way to cut corners; only sites with legitimate hard work put into quality content have any grounds for success. It’s hard to start a website from the ground up and get it noticed these days since the internet is already so populated, but if you’re dedicated enough it’s absolutely doable!

2 – Other Essential Article Marketing Tips

Once your site is already full of great content, go ahead and seek out the best directory websites and apply for a spot. One solid example is Ezinearticles. They are very careful about whom they approve, but you should hear their decision within a week. They are long standing and trusted directory. Any site with their stamp approval is seen as trustworthy.

It’s important that you follow their rules strictly, such as refraining from posting any articles elsewhere since they frown upon duplicate material from other sites. They’re also sticklers for professional level writing with proper grammar and punctuation.

FUN TIP! Controversy is a great way to boost readership. Start some arguments related to household names or brands.

Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing Tips

You should also have more to say in your articles than merely promoting items. If you do happen to promote any sort of products or include affiliate links, it should be done in a light and supplemental manner at the most. If you need help with an approach for your articles, try addressing questions or concerns potential visitors may have. If you do have a product in mind that you want to focus on for your site, you can make sure to let readers know how it might actually help them in various ways. Your articles should be beneficial to anyone that reads them.

After your articles have been qualified to well-established directories, you can alter some of the content of existing work so that it can remain special or exclusive to other directories you might consider submitting to. Other potential providers are Go Articles and Articles Base. You need to make sure you consider only the most highly revered options.

3 – Lead The Reader

FUN TIP! After you have been writing a while, you are sure to have developed a body of work—many, many articles spread out across the Internet. Compile your best work to create an eBook.

Beyond your author bio information, you can lead your readers to your site by making sure to let them know they can find more info about the topic at hand on your main site and even social media profiles. The lead capture page is a good place to send people.

4 – Don’t Abandon Back Links

Backlinks have been frowned upon in recent times given how easily it became to essentially spam them. But, quality back links can still get you a lot of traffic. Make sure to note all the best content aggregators and submit your work there. You can even work with other webmasters to land a spot on one another’s pages, provided they have a well established enough audience.

Article Marketing Strategy – Direct Traffic and SEO Benefit Course

Want to learn even more about how you can get more traffic to your properties using articles as distribution?

Ok, here is a great course instructed by Chris Douthit on Udemy. Chris Douthit is an Internet marketer who has made a living strictly on-line since 2003 by designing software, authoring numerous books, video courses and consulting over this period. Chris’ goal has always been to make better products that truly over deliver.

In this course, he’s going to show you how to Maximize profits and increase your SEO score with articles even if you don’t want to write a single word yourself.

He is also going to show you how to use these strategies to get high powered articles on the first page of Google or Bing accumulating a mountain of clicks and a giving your website a high search engine score boost in the process.

Articles are not only the highest converting traffic on the Net, the synergy created with articles can help your site in more ways than one.

article marketing strategies for content marketers

Here is what you can expect:

  • What exactly is article marketing and how to make it all work for you.
  • How to perform research and get tons of information so you can easily count like an expert on any topic for free.
  • How to write your article: Structure, format, what to put in and what to leave out for best results.
  • Complete keyword research: Know what keywords will convert best and how to include them in your article so the search engine cannot help but to rank you high.
  • The importance of the resource box and why I do it differently than almost everyone out there and why I get better results.
  • How to submit your article, do it my way and your life is going to become a lot easier.
  • The tools to make your article writing who whole lot easier. Don’t want to write a single word? Well, you don’t have to. Want to submit your article once and get it posted to thousands of sites? Well, it really is that easy.
  • Plus a whole lot more…

What are the requirements?

  • Nothing is required.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to construct articles that capture reader’s attention and convert into sales
  • How to use articles to increase your site’s SEO score for a higher search engine placement
  • Where to get people who can write articles for you for pennies on the dollar
  • Where to find article writing tool that makes the author’s job a lot easier
  • How to find the best keywords to target so you can get the most traffic
  • The easy way to submit your articles so it travels all over the net

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who runs an online business who wants more free traffic.
  • Anyone who wants an easy boost to their sites SEO ranking.

PS: If you like to learn more about marketing online with your blog and using a step by step proven article marketing strategy check out this video!

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