Best Attraction Marketing Formula Part 4

Best Attraction Marketing Formula Part 4 – Video Script

Welcome to Day Four, Module Four of our five days best attraction marketing, online marketing formula – How to generate free leads for your business and get paid even when people do not buy your product, service or business opportunity… AND pull off this marketing miracle on 100% auto pilot once you have the systems set up.

Today let’s take a closer look at the truism – “If you are not building a list you are not building a real, long-term profitable business.”

Because regardless of the arena you playing in…

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Internet marketing which is where you are selling your own products or services, affiliate marketing where you are promoting other people’s product and services to earn a commission or network marketing where you are striving to create a passive, residual income.

There is on true ingredient for massive ONLINE success…


Fresh, targeted traffic the lifeblood of any online business and it really does not matter how you generate the traffic or where it comes from…

Paid search, organic search or social media traffic. Doesn’t really matter because the goal is to get MORE EYEBALLS to take a look at your product, service or business opportunity because the old saying is true, “The more you tell the more you sell.” Bottom line. You need a steady stream of new people on a regular basis to make money.

So getting massive traffic is the 1st hurdle to making serious money online.

The second ingredient to earning massive internet profits… the ingredients that separate the winners from the wannabe’s…

And you absolutely MUST build your own targeted list of prospects and customers to maintain and grow your business.

AMF – Continues

You MUST set up a commercial autoresponder account ASAP because the big money will always be found in your list on the backend of whatever it is you are promoting. In fact, I would venture to say the MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT you can make when setting out to create an income online is setting up an autoresponder account.

And you have plenty of choices… Aweber, get response, MailChimp and more. So what is an autoresponder, exactly?

Quite simply, it is a piece of software that enables you to capture people’s contact information – name, email address and phone number – or any information you want to capture… AND… send out a series of pre-written emails to these same people automatically.

So your #1 goal

– during your entire internet marketing career – is to always be adding to your list of prospects, customers, and clients. Because, again, the BIG MONEY will always be found in your list because people like to do business with people they have come to know, like and trust and the easiest way to make this happen – to create this type of trust relationship – is to stay in constant contact and provide value.

So how do you build a list? The most powerful way is FEATURE valuable offers on your website or blog – or as part of your advertising routines – in EXCHANGE for people’s contact information. Free reports, a free boot camp, free training, free tutorials, and even free software. Trade ANYTHING OF VALUE that makes sense to your target market.

Of course, you might have to put on your thinking cap and actually work to produce a few good offers… but another way is to tie into an already existing program that matches your target marketing. For example, “My Lead System Pro” is an online attraction marketing system designed to teach frustrated network marketers how to generate traffic, leads and sales online – using websites, blogs, social media, video and paid ads.

Once you are a member of this system

– you can promote THEIR OFFERS to provide value to YOUR visitors without ever having to create your own reports or produce a kick-butt boot camp. Just plug-n-play for profits. Like this offer… How to Make a $100,000 or More in the Next 12 Months of Less in Your Own Business. Pretty powerful offer, right?

Or how about offering a free 88-minute webinar all about how to get more prospects… on demand while you sleep…

Or a Free 7 Day Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp…

The idea being you want to present an offer that makes sense to YOUR target market – so you will either need to create a few of your own or tie into a system that comes with a few dozen offers you can use right away.

Once a person decides to take you up on one of your offers – you let the program… the autoresponder AUTOMATICALLY follow up with a series of high-value messages over time.

And, of course, you’ll sprinkle a few CALLS TO ACTION in your emails…

Visit your blog, watch a presentation video or make a purchase. Join now. Sign up here. Click here to get started today.

The KEY is to get your email OPENED and read. Because if you send 100 emails over the next three years and nobody reads them… you have simply wasted your time. So how do you get your emails opened? GREAT subject lines get emails opened and if you are doing it right you can expect to have 10-15% of the people who receive your email open them. If you are getting less than that… work on creating better subject lines.

Think backward from your own perspective – what would COMPEL YOU to open an email. What benefit, promise, tease, conflict or curiosity would get you to open an email? And on the flip side, what would automatically FLAG YOU that the email was spam or a crass commercial message? What would cause you to instantly hit the delete key?

Once a person OPENS your email, good copy and great offers are what get the click…

So the idea is not to sell, convince or attempt to persuade people in the email… the only purpose of your email is to compel the reader to take the next step which is to click the link you have provided to learn more and start started. Sell the click… NOT your product, service or business opportunity and you’ll find you’ll get a much, much more profitable result.

So the moral of the story is your email list is a business asset – and, depending on what you are promoting, the industry average is EACH NAME on your list is worth between $1 and $2.58 PER MONTH if you are marketing correctly. So if you want to give yourself a raise – get more people on your list!

How to complete eliminate marketing costs and create multiple profit centers at the same time. Which, if you think about it, is the HOLY GRAIL of marketing – how to generate traffic, leads and sales without cost AND get paid regardless if they invest in what you are selling. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it works and it works well so we’ll see you tomorrow.

Until next time,

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