Privacy Policy

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What information do we collect and keep in our records?

We only collect information when you register with our site, place and confirm an order, subscribe to this blog’s newsletter or fill out a survey present on our site. You have the option of visiting our site anonymously but if you choose to sign up or place an order we will ask you to provide us with your person information such as your name, email address,  etc.

Google is allowed as a third party to use cookies so that it can track your web activity and target ads to you according to the sites your visit and what products or services that may appeal to you.

What do we do with this information for?

The information we collect may be used in any of the following ways with or without notifying you:

• To make your experience unique and specifically for you
(the information we get for you helps us on how to make this site better for you)

• To improve our blog
(we can see what features our visitors like or do not like so that way we learn on what to improve and what to remove from our site)

• To improve our customer services
(we can provide you with better support once we know what issues you face and how to resolve them)

• If we have a contest or sweepstakes on our website, we may use your information

• To send out emails or updates about us to the email your provide us with when signing up for email updates (to unsubscribe from our emailing service, please visit the link provided below every email)

Do we protect your information?

Yes, we use cyber security to make sure your information is safe, so do not hesitate in signing up or providing us with your information.

Do we sell your information?

No, we do not sell your information to third parties or anyone else for that matter for any monetary gain. Unless we need to supply an agency your information to comply with the law, we provide information in such cases.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, cookies are small files which websites transfer to your hard drive through your internet browser. It enables the site to remember and collect certain information about your web activity to the website.

We use cookies so we can track your activity on our page and other pages so that we can customize your experience on our site to make it better for you.

You can change your computers settings so each time a cookie is about to be sent to you, you can be warned and accept only if you choose to. This way no unwanted cookies can be sent to your hard drive.

If our privacy policy changes, we will not notify you beforehand. You can keep checking the policy to see if it has been updated by visiting this page.

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