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snapchat marketing

Snapchat Marketing

If you looking for ways to do snapchat marketing, then this post will help you with some of the basics.

Snapchat Marketing: Ways to Build a Following

Snapchat stays among the most important social networks platforms to promote your brand on.

This is something that many marketers and businesses don’t understand to this day and often it is overlooked as a channel.

There are several factors for that, but one of the greatest factors is that it’s not clear how Snapchat marketing in fact works.

If you take a look at Facebook, this is simple to comprehend right away.

Facebook marketing involves posting things to your Facebook wall, which in turn will be seen by all your followers.

And if a few of those followers like your content or share it, then it will also be seen by their connections on Facebook and hence your following will grow.

The problem with Snapchat is that it doesn’t have a wall or a home feed and there is no way for people to find you if they’ve never come across your brand name before.

So how can you tackle growing your following? And what use exists in publishing?


Growing on Snapchat– The Answer

Obviously, this is a short-sighted view.

We can say that Snapchat would not be the global phenomenon that is today if it didn’t have any ways for users and brand names to increase their audience.

So what do you need to do?

The answer is basic: you promote your Snapchat on other platforms which will build interest for people to follow you.

And the easiest way to do that is to download some of the content you making for the social tool and after that, you share it on other platforms– on Facebook for instance, or on Google Plus.

snachat marketing cheat sheet

Snapchat Marketing Cheat Sheet

The idea then is that people see this, believe it looks great and see exactly what they’re missing and are happy to discover out more.

This is something that Arnold Schwarzenegger does good.

He updates his Snapchat and that way he can have a super close relationship with his audience on the channel.

His fans get to go with him to the places where he will be shooting or promoting his new movies and they get to see funny videos of him doing his best quotes.

Every once in a while, he posts this to his Facebook following with the message ‘follow me on Snapchat’.

Each time he does this, he’ll get a lot more fans on Snapchat.

This same method works with other social media platforms and it will also work if you promote your Snapchat on YouTube or through your blog.

Why Snapchat marketing?

The concern you might now be asking is: why is Snapchat worth the promo?

After all, if you need to promote to fans you’ve currently obtained, why get them on Snapchat? Why not promote to them through the platform you already have?

The answer is basic: Snapchat has a few of the greatest engagement in the industry. If you publish a story on Snapchat then you can expect 90% of your followers to open it– which is huge.

Check out this video for more info about snapchat marketing.



Ways to Create Better Videos on Snapchat

Snapchat enables you to use both photos and videos to send out to your pals, family or list of fans.

While both have their advantages, you could say that video has more potential for business and that it will be much better for creating something appealing and persuasive.

But, Snapchat video is only as good as the videographer– which in this case is you!

The problem is:

How do you start developing something on Snapchat that will be enjoyable, engaging and professional looking rather of something that’s uncomfortable, rough and type of embarrassing?

Follow these tips and we’ll look at the best ways to develop awesome Snapchat video content!

Invest in a Good Mobile Phone

It’s got to the point now where you can’t be a digital marketer and not have a terrific smartphone.

Smartphones are important for upgrading your WordPress blog And upgrading people on Twitter.

But, now it has ended up being even more essential for creating a live video, for taking images for Instagram and for making Snapchat marketing content.

A great camera phone is exactly what will determine the quality of your story– so do not cut this corner!

snapchat advertising


Discover a Good Angle

It’s worth playing around with the front-facing video camera a little to find exactly what the most flattering angle is for your face.

At the same time, you have to make sure you’re holding the phone the appropriate distance from your face.

And also that you’re being picked up by the mic well.

Attempt making some video on your own with the front facing the video camera.

Then comparing what the various angles and positions provide for you!

Find the Right Spot

This is particularly crucial.

If you’re strolling down the road then make certain that you aren’t too close to traffic or noisy crowds.

Also, if you’re filming in your home then try and stand near the window. But make sure the window is well positioned to light your face from one side.

This is called ‘Rembrandt’ lighting and it’s the most flattering way to light your face on camera.

Brightness and lighting are as important for video quality as your electronic camera!

Use Filters the Right Amount

If you are using filters all the time, then it can be distracting and it can look a little less than professional.

There’s a video of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) talking to among the new filters on and it’s hilarious. But it’s funny since it’s not something we see all the time and it’s unexpected. This is a perfect example of ‘less is more’.

Have Something to Say

This is crucial no matter what kind of “snapchat marketing” content you’re trying to make!

But, it’s important with Snapchat because you are disrupting your audience day to notify them with your new message.

If it becomes immediately clear that you haven’t put any thought into what you’re going to say, then you’ll discover that your reader rapidly ends up being frustrated.

Have a rough plan and discard anything that isn’t appealing or fascinating.

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