Top 4 Best Business Ideas for Beginners

Top 4 Best Business Ideas for Beginners in 2017

“Here are 4 business ideas for beginners in 2017. Go to for video notes, related content, tips, and helpful resources mentioned.”

Awesome, yes? I thought you’d like it!

Perhaps I should letcha know who I am. This is Jonathan, the fella responsible for this blog, and I’m just here to share loads of really incredible networking online business videos with you. Not really more to say. 🙂

Okay, so a “but” is coming…

Alright, so to start on the right foot, I’ve gotta level with you. In all reality, the realization of this site was, if I’m being perfectly honest with you, a selfish act on my part. You see, I really enjoy watching videos on the subject of work from home (like the 4 Best Business Ideas for Beginners presentation you just finished watching), and I honestly just wanted a place where I could re-watch all of my favorites under one roof.

I also like taking advantage of a good opportunity when I see one. I just want to be transparent here.

I enjoy earning a bit of sponsorship revenues on the side, as I share awesome networking online business videos with you. Hopefully, you’re cool with that.

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I’m a pretty straightforward person, if you couldn’t tell. With that having been said… Sales pitches suck, they’re not my style, and making money is not my key motivator for running this blog. If you get the itch to buy anything from any of my sponsors, then that’s a bonus! But if you’re simply not interested, then absolutely no worries. I’m just glad that you’re here. 🙂

The truth is, I’m very passionate about online marketing and sharing cool stuff with cool people… like you!

And that explains the existence of OnlineBizPro. It’s just a place for cool people to come together and watch videos about online marketing. It’d be great to see you here again, if that sounds good.

So please keep comin’ back! I will just keep sharing incredible videos with you. These will cover topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing online, and personal development… and we’re only scratching the surface!

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