Ways Businesses Can Use Snapchat

Discover the different ways businesses can use snapchat, this post covers some of the best practice!

Snapchat was the fastest growing app of 2014…

…And hasn’t looked like slowing down in 2015 and 2016 what’s best, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

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Snapchat Marketing

The Snapchat marketing platform is picking up steam!

6 Ways Businesses Can Use Snapchat

The mobile app allows users to send photos or videos – essentially, an app for texting.

The catch?

“Snaps” delete seconds after opening.

For the everyday user, snaps are unedited selfies or short-term visual messages. The social network has been a hit for 13 to 25-year-olds.

In December, Snapchat turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook after receiving 20 million users.

Marketers are jumping aboard Snapchat’s bandwagon to communicate with a young audience!

Businesses use Snapchat for promotions, sneak peeks of new products and behind-the-scene glimpses.

16 Handles were one of the first companies to use Snapchat for marketing.

The frozen yogurt company snapped coupons that people waited to open until paid.


….Since snaps delete automatically. Receivers did not know how much their coupon was worth before reaching the

ways businesses can use snapchat

ways businesses can use snapchat


16 Handles coupons were usually between 16-100% of the total sale. The fan base could return messages to earn more perks.

I never considered using Snapchat until I connected with my favorite companies.

Snapchat is an innovative platform to expose the public to your company upgrades.

I have received great deals and learned about products that are not yet released.

Marketing with Snapchat Exclusive perks. Coupons for products or services.

Promote other social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest). Behind the scene looks into company

operations. Reward engaged customers.

More Snapchat Tips

First, be sure you set yourself up for a particular lifestyle.

This could be anything from the young, hip, fashion-forward crowd to the professional business crowd to the conservative housewife crowd.

Whatever aligns with your brand is the image you should always convey.

Then make sure you stick to that particular image at all times when you create content on Snapchat.

If you’re marketing to the professional business crowd, don’t post pictures of you at a grunge rock concert.

If you’re marketing to housewives, don’t post a bunch of bikini shots. You get the idea. Stick with your brand’s lifestyle.

snapchat marketing 101

Snapchat Marketing 101

More Snapchat

Next, it’s important to create Snapchat exclusive offers to keep
people paying attention to your Snapchat.

Offer occasional flash deals or contests that people have to react to immediately to claim.

This is perfect for the Snapchat format, and it will condition your friends to watch for content from you and to respond quickly.

Another great tip is to create your own custom geo-filter.

In case you don’t know what a geo-filter is, it’s an image that can overlay a photo or video.

Anyone can submit a personal geo-filter for free, but you have to pay if you want to include a business logo.

Once created, a geo-filter is active for up to 30 days.

These are especially inexpensive and useful if you are promoting a local business because they charge by the amount of land you want to cover.

(About $5 for a 20,000 square foot radius.)

Users who take a photo in that area can see and use that particular filter, and each time they do it will promote your business.

You can encourage people to use your filter by holding a contest or special offer that users can enter by using the filter and sending you a Snap with it.

Then you can add those Snaps to a Story for even more exposure!

Learn more about geo-filters here:

>> https://blog.bufferapp.com/snapchat-on-demand-geofilters

Ways Businesses Can Use Snapchat – Targeting

Snapchat is targeted toward young adults and teens.

77 percent of college students use the app to send 400 million messages daily. Snaps are typically raw and unedited.

Polished messages would be out of place in Snapchat’s rough framework. Companies are sticking with Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to target an older audience.

Companies that Market with Snapchat

Taco Bell,  McDonalds, 16 Handles, Audi, Acura, GrubHub.

How McDonalds Used Snapchat

In February 2014, McDonalds began utilizing Snapchat for their marketing campaign. The fast food chain engaged their audience through other social media platforms.

Followers were driven by exclusive offers, only available via Snapchat.

This included the introduction of a new product with celebrity support.

They received an interactive tour with many touch points throughout the day.

McDonalds introduced the New Bacon Clubhouse and promoted their Twitter account…

…building social media followers in only months.

Social media is cost-effective and can carry new messages to a global audience.

These days, everybody is connected! If you have a young audience, Snapchat may be worth considering.

3 Effective Way To Market Your Snapchat

So here you will come to know how to convert your followers into your customers. Following are the 3 ways to market your Snapchat for your business:

1. Discount

Among all the methods to encourage the audience to follow you, providing discount is the one that never fails.

You can offer discounts to all your new customers and in this way, they’ll get attracted towards you and is the first step of making that person from a follower to a customer.

For promoting your Snapchat account, you can make the use of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and is the perfect way for reaching towards your target.

After getting a new follower on your Snapchat account, you can send them a promo code for your online store in a screenshot.

For the customers who have already made purchases from your account, sending them your Snapchat follower discount coupons will a great idea for making them visit again.

2. Marketing of your Business

After building enough followers on Snapchat you can now start promoting your products.

Posting promotional teasers about your upcoming new products, goods or services is an excellent and effective way of doing it.

Use your Snapchat story to promote any of your upcoming events.

You can use it on other social media sites also to make your other customers how your Snapchat followers are taking the benefits you are proving them.

Sometimes don’t post anything, just use your teasers and make your followers think what you have to offer.

In this way, they will be forced to visit your online business store to see what you have to offer.

3. Offers for your Snapchat Followers

This is an excellent way to make your business grow.

Provide some exclusive offers for your Snapchat followers only and make them feel cared.

In this make your followers know that only they are getting these offers and they are getting a lot of benefits from this offer.

Soon your followers will convert into your customers. Some of the offers are like:

– Refer a friend and get something for free

– A discount coupon for the next sale

– Buy one get one free

So these were the effective 3 ways to market your Snapchat. Make your customer feel special by these methods and your business will be at its peak in no time.

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