Why Choose Character Over Reputation Any Time They Conflict

Why choose character over reputation? If you focus carefully, in this post, you’re going to find out ways to construct huge recurring earnings and actual time flexibility – with no schemey tricks.

So you can build a company while having a life at the same time in a much faster and more effective method.

You’re going to discover ways to develop trust, construct long-lasting relationships, and develop tens of countless devoted consumers who concern you starving and happy to buy … …

I’m going to give you what I call “Daily Shortcuts” to develop more effective relationships, attract better customers to you, and have a better lifestyle at the same time.

This is my gift to you for reading this post, as my method of stating: “Thank you.”

I wanted to begin today’s episode by duplicating one of my favorite quotes by a mentor of mine and bestselling author, Orrin Woodward as he’s discussing the transformative power of resolutions.


He says:

“Resolved: To Choose Character over Reputation Any Time They Conflict.”

This concept actually resonated with me because of some of the experiences I’ve had dealing with individuals for many years since I started marketing online in 2009.

Exactly what does Orrin really suggest? Well, I return to a quote from my Father maturing.

Daddy used to say:

“You do not do the right thing because you get something. You do the ideal thing because it’s the right thing to do. And if you do the ideal thing with the best intentions, you’re constantly going to be blessed.”

While a character is nice and all … You might be wondering: “Ok, so do the best thing. I got it – my Dad stated that too.

So How can I Make Money Marketing Online by Having Character?

To assist you to understand the power of powerful intentions, let me share some personal stories with you: I began working in the

I began working in the Network Marketing occupation originally in 2002 and failed miserably for the majority of the next 7 years, just having a small success from 2006-2007 in a business named Agel which ran by a buddy of mine named Glen Jenson.

Those 7 years where I wasn’t producing all the freedom and riches that I desire were a few of the best learning experiences of my life – lessons that have now paid me millions, and countless dollars and assisted me to do $195 million in sales online.

For example, over that 7 year period, I was only introduced to standard Network Marketers who truly appreciated their groups and put individuals first.

I didn’t know how blessed I was working with individuals I could rely on totally … … up until I started dealing with the web in 2009 and was exposed to the self-focused opportunistic attitudes in the Internet Marketing crowd.

Don’t believe I don’t like the excellent online marketers and Gurus I know – lots of Internet Marketers are amazing, ethical people who actually make a great deal of money by helping their clients win like I do.

I’ve also had the knowing experience of meeting literal straight scam artists – who will do anything in their power to get somebody to purchase something they never ever even plan on delivering.

When I first met individuals like that in 2009, I didn’t comprehend it at all.

why choose character

Why Choose Character


Due to the fact that I was raised in a good family with no abuse at all, no violence, good values, and have a good relationship with my moms and dads.

So the first time I ran into somebody who had a total lack of desire to be totally honest, I didn’t actually comprehend it. So I get going online and I remember going to my first event.

It was with a crowd of marketers and I remember being backstage and the owner of a business pulled us together into a little group and said: So … How can we suck as much money from this room as possible?

Do not get me wrong, I like making money a lot like we all do, it’s one of the reasons I’m making this post – to assist you in getting rich the right way if you wish to.

It’s just that I went to the event to train people and help them succeed, and didn’t require the money.

I Didn’t Get the Odd Online Marketing Mindset.

So I’m reading this chapter of Resolved and I want to challenge you to make an individual resolution today for yourself and the method you market, sell and run your life.

Solve to choose character over reputation any time they clash from this minute forward. And it will pay you more loan too.

There are times when doing the ideal thing has cost me countless dollars, and I’ve done it anyways.

There are times when I’ve gone long periods of time without generating income and I’ve stuck to my vision despite what’s gone on around me.

And the very best part is that opting to do the right thing because it’s the best thing to do has always paid me way more than any other way of doing things, even when it didn’t look like it was going to at the start.

There are 3 principles taught by John Wooden that should be burned into all our hearts and minds.

If we did these three things the web would be a totally different location.

Wooden states:

1. Never ever lie.

2. Never ever cheat.

3. Never ever take.

Write your individual resolution to never ever lie, cheat, or steal.

How will you do this?

I like to alter the framing on things to be more in agreement with internal representations that develop an effective and successful life, so my reframe on John Wooden’s laws are:

First, constantly tell the truth. Second, constantly act in a manner that’s congruent with your worths. Third, constantly earn your loan by giving the marketplace more value than you’re paid.

If you follow those three reframes of John Wooden’s laws, you’ll be hugely and unusually effective over your whole life … and you might even get rich now.

Since individuals wish to pull out their credit card and purchase things from leaders who solve to have character.

There’s a fascinating quote from Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) that says:

In truth, lying is the product of low self-esteem– the belief that you and your abilities are not good enough to get what you desire … the false belief that you can not manage the consequences of individuals understanding the truth about you which is just another method of saying, I am not good enough.

My Reframe For Jack Canfield’s Wisdom is This:

Telling the fact is an thing of POWERFUL self-confidence!

So opt to have the belief that you and your abilities are more than enough to produce your dream lifestyle and selected relationships … … since when individuals know the truth about you, they’re going to LOVE YOU!

Since you suffice! You ARE powerful enough! And you know exactly what occurs when you’re transparent and honest about who you are? Individuals take out their credit card. Lots of individuals purchase from you.

Since they trust you. And I’ll inform you why: Because YOU suffice to develop the life that you desire. We are all flawed and make errors when we are humble and admit them, people understand we are genuine people– people just like them.

The Difference Between Exploiters and Producers

Orrin says:

“There are just 2 distinct courses an individual can take in life. He can either opt to produce results through efficiency or search for methods to exploit other individuals’s production.”

We will always win over time (and BIGGER) by giving value in exchange for money.

If we look for to constantly give more value than the money we request for in return it creates a reciprocity from the divine that comes back to us multiplied.

Our environment is a product of who we are and the worth we’re willing to offer, and whenever I’ve seen somebody make or receive more than the worth they are providing, their earnings have collapsed back to who they are.

What value will you generate exchange for earnings, abundance, and success?

If you want to earn more … give more value. And offer more value by deciding to become better, and step into a life of character. Since you are sufficient. In fact, I believe much better.

One time I heard a quote that said:

“Whatever you believe you are, you’re always more than that.”

Now that’s a belief that’s amazing!

Humans are incredible. Bear in mind that you’re excellent enough, to tell the truth, and be transparent. Choose the path to your future by being truthful and offering worth in the marketplace. It’s a better way.


This Post is inspired by The Daily Shortcut Episode #2, you can watch the video here!

If you enjoyed this post on marketing mindset and “why choose character over reputation” and you know someone that can benefit from it, please share the wealth!

Until next time,

jonathan tejeda

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